It is All About the Shower Grout 

You are in your new built bathroom and you are about to put a new shower on it, it is probably easy to identify what are the different products to use and what products to avoid. You may choose the best tile and design for your bathroom wall but you don’t know what type of grout to squeeze the joints between the tile squares. There may be no best solution for that but it will depend on the people who help you build your bathroom. Better hire a service company if you are not sure in what to do. 

Shower Grout

There is what we call basics shower grouts, where there is few eccentrics out there who will install showers for only decoration purposes, but it is mostly built to their body cleaning. You should make sure that the materials you use for that are waterproof for long lasting usage. There are also the range of options in that materials, whether it standard, economic ceramics or exquisite made tiles. A grout is a product you can use to fill the cracks that are made by the tiles being place in your bathroom wall. 

Here is some information for you about different grouts for the shower that are commonly use. These are just basic but there are also bathroom service company that can-do a groutless shower for your bathroom. It will be easy and hassle free for you. To give for more knowledge about it, here are samples of grouts for the shower. 

Sanded Grout 

It is an exactly what it is, a sand type of grout your local hardware store can offer you. It’s a standard grouting material with complete the sand materials that were added. It will make much durable than the unsanded type of grout, because it will aggregate the materials. It is also thicker than the unsanded grout.  

Unsanded Grout 

This type of grout is sticky one, because it has no additional sand being mix in it or the aggregate added to it. You can easily and smoothly spread the solution onto the vertical surface, and it will stick with no problem and there not much force into the grout lines. The durability will also not much of a concern when you have a vertical type of tiles. It will also not crack because there is not much pressure being applied to it. 


It is a new type of grout on the block, it is made of epoxy resins and filler powder. It is tough and durable because of what it is made of.  The epoxy doesn’t stain or require sealing because it dries quicker than a cement-based type of grout. It is the new way of sealing the cracks between the tiles when you put on the shower. 

Hopefully this article might able to give you some ideas now on what type of grout for your shower you will use. This is to help you and for you to have knowledge specially you wanted to have a personalize type of bathroom.