Tips on Caring for Your Newly Replaced Windshield

Now you have your windshield replaced by a professional windshield replacement Fresno CA. Your car looks like a brand-new type now. But it is essential that you take care of it. How can you take care of your windshield after replacement? Is it necessary you should take care of it?

Replacement of windshield can sometimes be expensive. That is why a car owner, you should be able to know what to do after you have received the service. Below in this article are some helpful tips on what to do after the job is done:

How soon can I use my car?

The adhesive used on your window’s car dries depending on the type used, the temperature and the humidity. But most of the adhesive will try an hour but some circumstances it will take up to a day. This is when the adhesive use is special or requires humidity for it to dry. If you are in hurry and you need your car, you can look for the company’s whom you can do the windows replacement immediately and the adhesive dries on the same day.

How long will the tape on before removing it?

Sometimes, the tape is used for your windows replacement and often times you need to leave it on at least a day after the repair is made. This allows the seal to have the time to completely dry and avoid dust, rain, dirt or any other debris from ruining the replacement. The tape is also essential in helping the windshield in the correct position.

Can I get my car wash immediately?

Car wash uses high pressure to remove the dirt and dust out from the vehicle. If your windshield replacement is not dry completely, especially the moulding and sealant, the high pressure can ruin your window. Car owners should at least prevent their car from washing at least 24 hours. If the vehicle is completely dirty, maybe it might be best to do some hand wash and avoid any hose that uses high pressure. Rain from the storm is not high pressure, so you don’t need to worry.

How to know if the job was done properly?

The way for you to know if the windshield replacement is done properly is to remove the glass. In there you can inspect of the moulding is good. That is why it is essential for you to only work with a reputable and professional company with the best windshield replacement service. MAke sure that the technicians handling your car are trained and skilled to do the job. There are many companies who can offer the best quality service. All you need is to research.

How to take care of my car with a newly replaced windshield?

You have to take easy, especially the sealant and moulding that dries at least 24 hours. You should avoid unnecessary shaking and jarring. You should also avoid slamming the door of your car because it causes pressure and the windshield might loosen or pop-up. You should avoid off-road and rough terrain for the meantime.

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